Great Bath in Side

Great Bath in Side

This bath, the largest in Side, was built in the 3rd century A.D., and repaired in the 5th and 6th centuries. A larger section of the building is still standing, whereas its upper structure is completely lost. There are three hot water pools in the caldarium and a very large basin in the frigidarium.

The architectural survey, restitution and restoration project works of the Great Baths were initiated in 2001. Surface and plant cleaning works have been conducted based on its restoration project approved by the regional conservation council. The marble floor covering unearthed after cleaning and excavation works was preserved in-situ and the wall remains were consolidated by injection grouting and capping.

The biggest bath in Side was constructed during the 3rd century B.C. and was repaired during the 5th and the 6th centuries. A large seciton of the bath still remains intact except the ceiling. Restoration implementations aim to consolidate and strenghtehn the building.

Structural cracks in the walls were consolidated by clamping and injection grouting. The sections that have material losses on the walls causing structural problems were reintegrated by stone units imitating the original material. The consolidation works were completed in 2002.



AREA 1551 m2